Summer Club Starts

Thu 23 May 2019 7:00pm

All through the summer, until the start of the 2019-2020 season this September, we operate Summer Club.  There are no formal Club meetings during this period but each Thursday evening, any Club members are welcome to join us somewhere different each week, when we'll roam around taking photos before adjourning to a local hostelry for a friendly drink and a chin-wag.  All very informal. 

The time and location for Summer Club meetings will be announced on the "Programme" page of the website each week but members will need to be logged in to see it.  So, log in now to see where we're going this Thursday!


Stroud Camera Club
Cotswold Bowls Club
Golden Jubilee Way


Unfortunately I think the ships sail in all together on Friday morning, so we will have to think outside the box! 

Nice to see the Mathew watched it being built in Bristol and had lots of advise when converting my 1929 Dutch sailor. Now there's a story !!!