Chairman's Challenge

Thu 12 Mar 2020 7:30pm

Keith says:

"This year for the Chairman's Challenge which is 12 March I have taken inspiration from the year, 2020.

This leads me to think of Vision, and in turn to eyes, and I am reminded of the quote `The eyes are the window of the soul`.

Eyes can be people's eyes, animal eyes, drawn eyes... 
Windows can be open, closed, looking in, looking out, glazed, broken, perhaps not even in a building. 
The soul is a difficult thing to narrow down, but one way I can think of it is a child completely lost in play, or a cricketer at full stretch to take a catch, probably an easier word to get a handle on is 'Commitment', which could be in a person or an animal.

So for the Chairman's Challenge I am looking for photos that capture one or more items out of Eyes, Windows, Commitment."

Cotswold Bowls Club
Golden Jubilee Way