Data Protection Act 2018 - GDPR

Stroud Camera Club Data Privacy Policy
Designed to conform to the EU GDPR 2018

In plain English
In order to run Stroud Camera Club we hold a small amount of information about our members, and other interested parties.

This enables us to send out the weekly email, contact previous entrants to Stroud Camera Club Young Photographer Competition, arrange club and inter-club competitions where we associate a photo and the photographer’s name, etc.

We do not pass this information onto external parties for any reason, other than to other Camera Clubs for the purposes of organising external competitions between our clubs where a minimum of information is required by the external club under GDPR.

The change that GDPR brings is that we need to have a policy (this document) which states what data we hold, what we do with it and who has access to it.

If you have any questions related to the data we hold on you then please contact

Document date: 4 June 2017

Who are we
We are Stroud Camera Club.

What data do we hold and why?


name, email, address, telephone, entries to competitions
the information is held for the current year’s membership and one year afterwards.
to manage the club membership, to send out weekly emails or other periodic emails about club activities, arrange
club and inter-club competitions where we associate a photo and the photographer’s name.

The Stroud Camera Club Young Photographer Competition

entrant’s name, address, date of birth, email, statement of parental permission where entrants
are under 16 years of age, images, titles and dates of entries to the competition name, school, department and
position of heads of department and/or administrators of all schools and Scout Groups within the competition
catchment area (Stroud District) contacted about the Competition
The information is held for the current year and three years after each contact to allow for
invitations and general information concerning the Competition to be sent out for subsequent competitions.
the organisation of the Stroud Camera Club Young Photographer Competition and the use of
images entered into the Competition as described in detail in the Competition Terms & Conditions published on
our website.

We do not cascade marketing material directly to members. However, on occasions we may include marketing material from other people in our emails, e.g. we might pass on information about a paid for workshop being run by a recent speaker, or details of an event that has had a good review by one of our members.

Who can access the data?
Personal data can only be accessed by members of the committee, or by members acting on their behalf for
specific activities.

Consent to use this data in accordance with this policy will be collected explicitly in the new club membership
forms from Sept 2018, and implicitly in the Young Photographer Competition Terms and Conditions as published on
our website for entries in 2018 and beyond

Compliance with this policy will be validated at the first Stroud Camera Club Committee meeting falling after
1st September in any given year.

This policy may be updated from time to time. The latest version will be posted in the document section of the
club website at

Issues and further information
If you have any issues about the way your data is held or processed, need to view the data we hold about you,
have it amended or deleted, or have any further questions then please contact: