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“Excellent newsletter - thank you!”
Jeff Kirby made a comment on September Newsletter now available to read and download! 1 day 21 hours ago
“Hi Rene.  This is a very pleasing image.  Reds and greens can be very difficult in digital photography and a lot of people are guilty of letting them become over-saturated.  I don't know how much post-processing you've done with the image but to my eye you've handled the reds and greens perfectly.  The blue of the sky might be a little over-saturated but that's very much a subjective personal viewAs for the composition, there are going to be split opinions about the tree in the background.  I don't mind it but at the same time can't help feeling it might have been a better image if it was taken from a slightly different viewpoint to exclude the tree, but then you probably wouldn't have had the same distribution of poppies.  The "arrangement" of the poppies really works as it's like a spray of flowers almost radiating from a central point in the lower half of the image, which I really like.  I would like to have seen the whole flower of the poppy at the bottom of the frame, rather than it being cut in half but it's so difficult to notice these things when looking through the viewfinder.  The stalks and seed heads on the left of the frame tend to take your eye out of the picture and it would be good if those could be cloned out.  However, despite those few comments it remains a very pleasing image and once again I really like the way the red and green have been handled.  Thank you for uploading it.”
Richard Atkinson made a comment on Poppies at Didmarton 3 weeks 1 day ago
“Very artistic”
David Hunt made a comment on Sunflowers at Leonard Stanley 3 weeks 5 days ago
“Many thanks, Richard”
David Hunt made a comment on Season catch-up and learn ZOOM 4 weeks 12 hours ago