April Newsletter now available!

Date Published 
Sat 30 Apr 2022

We've had the Image Of The Year Competition which means we're getting close to the end of the current Season and will soon be moving into Summer Club.  Trish has worked her usual magic on the April Newsletter with a full report on the IOTY and all the other good things we've been up to this month.  It's a good read and there are also some useful technical hints and tips.
As always, Trish has done a great job of the Newsletter.  It's not an easy job and is very time-consuming but the result makes great reading for members and non-members alike. It is a real finger on the pulse of the Club.  So, well done and thank you Trish for all your hard work on this, on top of everything else you do for the Club. 



An excellent and informative newsletter, as usual, Trish. Well done and thanks.

Submitted by david-hunt on Sat 30 Apr 2022 11:12am

Thank you Trish! Lovely to look back at the month and savor the talent that pours from the members of the Club. The images are stunning! 

Thank you so much for putting it all together! ♥

Have a lovely Bank Holiday and hopefully a rest ...?!


Thanks for the newsletter, great to share images of the year with the family to make them realise why I need to spend more time on my images!  Great feature on artefacts too.

Submitted by mick-west on Sun 1 May 2022 8:50am