Skatepark biker in Nailsworth

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Took this last night as part of the online course I am doing with Mark Hemmings. 
Taken with DMC-G80
F4  1/500  45mm  ISO320

Thanks for feedback Trish. I took a few actually and was fairly pleased with the result. I wanted the trees to be more blurred, but I was more head on to him and therefore couldn't pan - do you think that was a problem ? 

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Image by Rene Cason


Again well done for posting this image. It is nicely composed - the bike is the main focal point and you have an uncluttered background. I'm not totally sure that the focus is right here, as the trees look to be more in focus than the bike - but this may just be the resolution of the upload - so check back on your original image.  Capturing action or any movement is incredibly hard and I am certainly no expert in this field - some of our nature photographers can probably help you with settings - in fact it may be useful if you add your settings to the comment above, so that they can advise you further. We do often find that if there is movement involved the shot is further enhanced if you leave space for them to "move into" - so in this image you would perhaps have moved yourself to the left so that the boy and bike are on the right hand side of the frame - probably on a 1/3rd line with space in front of him for him to be jumping into.

Great start to your time with Stroud Camera Club - we look forward to seeing more from you and be brave entering the competitions too - the judges critique is incredibly useful - although sometimes you do need to have a thick skin, as you may not agree with everything they say!