Sunflowers at Leonard Stanley

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Image Critique

Picture taken at Leonard Stanley recently and added a painted border effect in Photoshop

Taken on Saturday 15th August

F20. 1/60. 17mm. ISO1250

I actually have lots of pictures from this visit. Thank you all for your feedback - really appreciate it. I may have a better image in terms of the flowers facing the right direction. That is another area that I need help with   i.e. Choosing the best image to work with.

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Image by Rene Cason


A lovely picture! When did you take it please? We were there last Sunday and they were pretty much over - see my image on Tonight's  Zoom  - My Summer!



Submitted by ian-peters on Thu 3 Sep 2020 4:46pm

Very artistic

Submitted by david-hunt on Thu 3 Sep 2020 4:48pm

I like this image. Thanks for sharing and thanks for asking for CC. Overall it is joyous and pleasing to the eye. It's different, so we'll done for that. I like the vibrancy of the flowers. I like the sky and the border. There is too much messy white on the border, however, especially on the left. Being picky, there is a stray green blob 3/4 up on the right which needs to be removed. It's a pity also about the green leaf that partly obscures one of the sunflower 'faces'. Can you do something about that? Overall, very nice and an image that is pleasing to view. Well done.

Submitted by jeff-kirby on Fri 4 Sep 2020 9:23am

Hi Rene. Well done for posting an image for critique - it is a very brave thing to do, but in my opinion one of the ways to improve. 

The image has a lovely overall appeal - the blue and yellow are complimentary colours so are pleasing to the eye. I like the fact that you have tried something different with your border - but I think it is perhaps a bit too much for this image and detracts from the picture itself. It is a shame that the foreground sunflowers were not facing towards you - so perhaps next time you would have considered getting a bit closer to the mid ground ones so that they were larger in the frame and clearly the point of interest? Having said that I know how difficult the sunflowers are to photograph - I have spent several hours there last year and this! And this year they were particularly difficult as there was not the walkway along the front of them. 

Good luck with your images and keep asking!